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Research shows UK leads global publishing of new titles

Research shows UK leads global publishing of new titles


15 October 2014

Latest figures from the International Publishers Association show that the UK is leading the world in the publication of new titles.

In measuring the number of titles published per million inhabitants, UK publishers lead the world with 2,875 new titles, over 1000 titles more per million people than the next highest producer, Taiwan.
  • In absolute terms, with regards to the publishing of new titles and re-editions, the UK is the third leading publisher in the world and the highest in Europe with 184,000 titles in 2013 - only with only China (444,000) and the US (304,912) publishing more.   
  • The UK also enjoys the world’s best global export performance with export revenues in 2013 exceeding €1.5 million (43% of overall revenue), compared with €1billion for the US and €331million for Spain.

Richard Mollet, Chief Executive of The Publishers Association, said:  

 “There are a number of factors behind this world-leading performance.  As well as the advantage of the English language, British creativity, innovation and historic strength in publishing all play their part.  British publishing is a central part of the success story of our creative industries and this performance shows that the UK’s legal and commercial environment – notably our copyright laws – continue to be the underpinning to strong economic performance.