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Publishing industry generates £1.2 Billion says DCMS Report

Publishing industry generates £1.2 billion says DCMS


London, 15 January 2014 –The Department for Culture, Media and Sport Commenting has today published the latest Economic Estimates for the creative industries.

The Publishing industry, is defined as book, magazine and newspaper publishing among others, performed very well in the Economic Estimates, and the related key findings are: 255,000 individuals are employed in the publishing industry   

  • Gross Value Added (GVA) of almost £10million
  • Publishing generated £1.2billion in export services

Commenting on the Estimates, Richard Mollet, CEO, The Publishers Association, said:

“The figures published today in DCMS’ Economic Estimates are yet another example of the economic importance of the publishing sector, and of the creative industries collectively. With increases in employment and export performance, it is hoped that government will support this growth by ensuring a strong and flexible copyright framework is in place, which can continue to attract investors and stimulate business. Intellectual property law is fundamental to the success of the creative industries, and publishers remain closely engaged with government in taking forward sustainable policy developments.”

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