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Publishing continues to inspire creative success

Publishing continues to inspire creative success


London, 21 July 2014 - The Publishers Association has hailed the release of the BFI’s Statistics Yearbook 2014 as an authoritative and interesting report on the film industry and its positive impact on the UK’s creative economy.

The role that the publishing industry has played in driving creative and economic success is of particular note. The research shows that of the top 20 grossing films worldwide, 40%, were based on British novels, while of the top 20 British grossing films 18 were based on novels, including works by and inspired by Ian Fleming, CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien and JK Rowling.

Richard Mollet, Chief Executive of the Publishers Associationsaid "UK Publishing continues to be not only a hugely innovative and successful creative industry in its own right but also an industry capable of driving enormous creative success in other sectors and inspiring audiences around the world.”

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