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Europe's Cultural Diversity Threatened by Commission's Push for Uniformity

Europe’s Cultural Diversity Threatened by Commission’s Push for Uniformity


04 November 2014

Speaking at the Westminster Media Forum on Tuesday 4th November, Richard Mollet, Chief Executive of The Publishers Association, said that the new European Commission’s drive to impose a digital single market risks undermining Europe’s rich cultural diversity, and plays into the hands of American-based platform companies. 

Richard Mollet said:

“Publishers favour there being a single market – both digital and physical – in the EU; and titles are licensed on a pan-European basis almost universally.  But these markets need to develop organically and freely; rather than be imposed or directed from above. 

“The new Commission, with its stated aim of imposing a digital single market on all creators in the EU, has its priorities the wrong way around.  The result of a top down removal of territorial licensing across Europe would be an erosion of diversity as markets became homogenised, and a further weakening of copyright.

“As publishers and creative businesses across Europe are already demonstrating, the digital marketplace can and will be a source of growth to the wider economy.  But this is only possible if intellectual property rights are respected – which is to say not infringed – and are supported – which is to say not eroded by radical changes to copyright law.”


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