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PA's PR London Book Fair Special 10th April

PA's PR London Bookfair Special

10th April 2015


With London Book Fair 2015 just around the corner, there are a fantastic series of conferences, workshops and lectures to look forward to.  The Publishers Association have been incredibly busy organising events independently and in conjunction with other organisations! Have a look at the event highlights for this year and be sure to visit our stand: 6E50.

We hope to see you there!


Digital Minds Conference: The Future of Publishing Content

10:00 – 18:30 |Olympia Conference Centre | Tickets from300 + VAT per person

The Digital Minds Conference will kick LBF 2015 off to a tremendous start. The seventh edition of this popular conference will explore a number of topics including; consumer engagement, future trends and content strategies. Keynote speakers include David Nicholls (author of ‘One Day’ and ‘Us’), Hannah Telfer (Penguin Random House) and  Rob Newlan (Facebook Creative Shop). 

16:20 – 17:15: Digital Minds Question Time

Chair:                  Richard Mollet (The Publishers Association)
Speakers:            Charlie Redmayne (HarperCollins)
                             Mandy Hill (Cambridge University Press)
                             Andrew Barker (Liverpool University)

An Introduction to Rights Selling
12:20 – 18:00 | Olympia Conference Centre | Tickets £95 +VAT per person

This popular half day conference sponsored by Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), offers those new to the rights business the skills and knowledge needed to make the most of every rights opportunity vital in this ever-changing publishing and content creation environment.
Opening remarks:                Miles McNamee (Copyright Clearance Center)
Chair:                                     Lynette Owen (Publishing consultant)
Speakers:                              Hugh Jones (The Publishers Association)
                                               Amy Mitchell (Cornerstone)
                                               Diane Spivey (Little, Brown) 


An Overview of the Mexican Publishing Industry
10:00 – 11:00 | Gallery Suite One

Mexico is the Market Focus of the London Book Fair 2015. This is the year where Mexico is in the spotlight in the UK – Mexico Year of Culture. Mexico is a country with a rich cultural and literary history and we’re delighted they are here in London with us this year showcasing the very best of what Mexico has to offer. In this session we will hear about the Mexican Publishing Industry and the Mexican Book Market, and what this great country has to offer international businesses looking to Mexico to do business.
Chair:                                    Emma House (The Publishers Association)
Speakers:                              Rafael Tovar (National Council for Culture And the Arts), 
                                                José Ignacio Echevarría (CANIEM) 
                                                José Carreño (Fondo de Cultura Económica)
                                                José Calafell (Grupo Planeta)
                                                Eduardo Rabasa (Sexto Piso)

Challenging Tradition: What Skills Are #Trending Now?
10:00 – 11:00 | Olympia Room, Grand Hall

This seminar will examine if these innovative ideas and people are changing the desired skillsets of the industry and if so, how? We are talking about vloggers and bloggers, about Open Access, about accessibility and about the growth of gaming and apps. Are these the areas that Publishers need to consider in order to get/stay ahead? We want to hear about those who are coming from outside of the traditional model and paving their way in a unique and brave way.  Our panel will be a range of experts from across the industry, each bringing their own take on the new skills in the publishing industry. What do they feel makes the perfect publishing candidate now, based on all this change and innovation?

Chair:                                    Abigail Barclay (Inspired Selection)
Speakers:                             Seonaid Macleod (The Publishers Association) 
                                              Jen Duckworth (HarperCollins)

                                              Marissa Hussey (Orion)

                                              Neil Morrison (Penguin Random House)

Creativity, the Internet and Politics
11:30 – 12:30 | Club Room National Hall Gallery

From privacy, to piracy to cyber-attacks: society is being forced to re-evaluate how we use the internet and what we should demand of it. This session will examine the impact on creative businesses. 

Chair:                                    Richard Mollet (The Publishers Association)

Speakers:                            Tony Burke (Unite)
                                             Simon Milnet (Facebook)
                                             Laurie Kaye (Shoosmiths LLP) 

Adapting Publishing for a Mobile Audience
14:30 – 15:30 | Apex Room, National Hall Gallery

Mobile consumers are the consumers of the future. Instant access to snippets of information, mobile-ready content, and well-designed apps are standard for today’s public, and the challenge for publishers is to not just adapt their content for a smaller screen, but to attract readers’ attention in the first place. Organised by the PA in conjunction with TISP, this seminar, we’ll hear from three leaders in the field, who have successfully combined publishing knowledge with tech innovation to attract, excite, and keep consumers.

Chair:                                   George Walkley (Hachette UK)

Speakers:                            David Jackson (Storytjacker)
                                             Fabien Schmitz (Gayatech)

Reading for Pleasure: how publishers can help every child Read On, and Get On.
16:00 – 17:00 | Children’s Hub, Show Floor

As literature lovers, we all know that reading is the key to children’s futures. And for our poorest children it’s their best route out of poverty: they do better at school, better in the workplace and are better placed to give their own children the best start in life. But shockingly, every year one in five children in England, including over a third of the poorest children, leave primary school not reading as well as they should, with dismal consequences for their futures. Save the Children’s Read On, Get On campaign aims to get every child reading well by the age of 11, by 2025. The publishing industry already contributes a huge amount to literacy projects, and charities to promote reading for pleasure. Working with Read On, Get On, The Publishers Association has launched a Reading for Pleasure campaign, to engage the industry and promote relationships between charities and their natural supporters. Joanna Prior, Managing Director of Penguin General, will chair this session and hear about the fantastic work being done by Save the Children, the National Literacy Trust and World Book Day, and how the industry can continue to amplify their support. 

Chair:                                   Joanna Prior (Penguin Random House)
Speakers:                            Kristen Grant (World Book Day)
                                             Jonathan Douglas (National Literacy Trust)
                                            Gareth Jenkins (Save the Children)

Accessibility Action Group
16:00 – 17:00 | PA Stand 6E50

Helen Gunesekera (RNIB/ Right to Read Alliance) will be available to answer any enquiries about accessibility.


Research and Scholarly Publishing Forum
09:30 – 13:30 | Olympia Conference Centre |Tickets £99 (+VAT) Members £149 (+VAT) Non Members

The PA, alongside LBF and ALPSP, is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new Scholarly and Research Forum at LBF. The Forum, is a half day programme of four individual sessions facilitated by Toby Green, Head of Publishing at OECD, and Alicia Wise, Director of Access and Policy at Elsevier.   The Forum, sponsored by Publishers Communication Group, a division of Publishing Technology, provides an opportunity for speakers across the globe to give greater insight into how to successfully navigate a number of unprecedented changes. It enables publishers to learn from each other, improve business and develop new models and markets.  Lunch is included and delegates also receive free entrance into The London Book Fair. 

The AAG Accessible Publishing Toolbox
10:00 – 11:00 | Olympia Room, Grand Room

The Annual Accessibility Seminar at The London Book Fair will concentrate this year on practical ways to include accessibility within publishing workflows. With presentations from solutions providers and 3rd party experts, The Accessibility Action Group will build upon the impact of previous sessions which has drawn in excess of 100 attendees who appreciate the need and increasingly legal requirements for digital publishing to be accessible to readers of all abilities. Publishers and 3rd party suppliers should attend this seminar to understand that accessibility can be built into their workflows from the very start.

Chair:                     Emma House (The Publishers Association)
Speakers:              Robin Seaman (Benetech)
                               Robin Spinks (RNIB)
                               Mattias Karlsson (Dolphin Ltd)
                               Richard Orme (Dolphin Ltd)
                               Bill McCoy (IDPF)
                               William Chesser (VitalSource)
                               Shilpi Kapoor (BarrierBreak)

UK Guest of Honour at the Guadalajara Book Fair: Opportunities for UK Publishers and Writers
11:30 – 12:30|The GREAT Business Lounge Stand:4D21

The Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara (FIL) is one of the most important book fairs for the Latin American region, providing not only a gateway to Mexico, but to the rest of Central and South America. Taking place in November 2015, the UK will be the Country Guest of Honour hosting a broad arts and cultural programme and pavilion designed by Carmody Groarke, and exhibitors on the Pavilion will be the responsibility of The Publishers Association.
Speakers:              Emma House (The Publilshers Association)
                               Cortina Butler (British Council)
                               Marisol Schultz (Guadalajara Book Fair – FIL)
                               David Unger (Guadalajara Book Fair – FIL)
                               Sofia Sjodin (Architect of UK Pavilion at FIL, Carmody Groarke)

Building the Publishing Workforce of the Future
13:00 – 14:00 | Olympia Room, Grand Hall

As the publishing industry is changing, the skills needs and requirements are changing. Publishers and Education providers are working in many ways to provide the training and mentoring needed to ensure that the workforce of the future. This session will examine what the publishing workforce of the future looks for and how the industry is preparing for it.
Chair:                    Emma House (The Publishers Association)
Speakers:           John Athanasiou (HarperCollins)
                               Sanne Vligenehart (Hot Key Books)
                               Mark Ryan  (John Wiley & Sons)


 Working with the PA and Book Fairs Internationally - How to make the most of book fairs
11:30 - 12:30 | The GREAT Business Lounge (stand 4D21)

Join this exciting session that offers presentations from the Beijing International Book Fair, Sharjah International Book Fair and BookExpo America.

Speakers:              Ahmed Al Amri (Sharjah Book Authority)
                               Steve Rosato (BookExpo America)
                               Yuan Jiayang  (Beijing International Book Fair)

Charles Clark Memorial Lecture 2015
16:00 – 17:00 | Apex Room National Hall Gallery

In this year’s Charles Clark Memorial Lecture, Professor Lionel Bently will lead a stimulating lecture exploring the relationship between academics and the copyright industry, open access publishing, and copyright politics. Professor Bently’s lecture will examine how academic interventions in copyright politics can, at times, be perceived as “anti-copyright”, while arguing that a broad interest in “creative ecology” can in fact assist the copyright industries as whole. He will also discuss the importance of legitimacy and look at why many academics favour a unitary European copyright system. The lecture will be followed by a reception from 17:00 – 18:00.

Host:                      Richard Mollet (The Publishers Association)
Lecture by:            Professor Lionel Bently (University of Cambridge)

The Publishers Association and Booksellers Association Children’s Titles Presentation
16:30 – 17:45 | BA Stand

The PA are once again running the highly popular Children’s Titles Presentations at London Book Fair, offering PA members the opportunity to pitch their key titles for 2015 to a room full of booksellers.


What Works? Education Conference
09:30 – 17:15 | Olympia Room Grand Hall | £399 + VAT

Everyone concerned with education is trying to improve the result, but what combination of policy, pedagogy, content and technology works best? There is no single best answer of course, and every country is different, but the evidence from international surveys, wide-scale projects and practical experience is increasingly compelling.  The third edition of What Works? will take place on the final day of LBF 2015 in association with The Publishers Association. Top-level speakers will discuss how best to deliver different kinds of information in a classroom for maximum effect, and how to maximise the resources available

12:00 - 13:00 Session 3: What works best Government vs. Private?

Chair:                   Richard Mollet (The Publishers Association) 
Speakers:             José Ignacio Echeverría (CANIEM, Mexico)
                             Miklós Nagy (Európa Publisher (Hungary)
                              Lis Tribe (Hodder Education (UK).

Writing the Future: Black and Asian Authors and Publishers in the UK Marketplace
10:00 – 11:00 | Olympia Room Grand Hall

This event explores key findings from research study commissioned by Spread the Word Writer Development Agency (StW) with other speakers.. The study sets out to answer three core questions: where are the people of Black, Asian and minority ethic (BAME) backgrounds to be found in the ecology of the publishing world - what are their roles and levels of influence? What does the advance in accessible digital publishing mean for BAME writers? Would more senior BAME representatives in publishing have a positive and financially measurable impact on the marketplace, and on BAME writers and the publishers themselves? The study explores the barriers to workforce entry for people of BAME background, the record of bespoke trainee schemes in opening up access, and looks at success stories of indies and corporates with titles by BAME authors in reaching new markets. It looks at how the growth of digital is shaping careers, product and business potential. The study examines the barriers faced by many talented BAME fiction writers - barriers that may exist inside the publishing industry, the mind of the writer and in the perceptions of the marketplace.

Chair:                   Emma House (The Publishers Association)
Speakers:            Researchers Danuta Kean and Mel Larsen
                               Sue Lawther (Spread the Word)
                              John  Athanasiou (HarperCollins)
                               Valerie Brandes (Jacaranda Books Art Music)
                               Antonia Byatt (Arts Council England)
                               Leone Ross (Novelist)
                               Rukhsana Yasmin (Editor)

Working with the PA and Children’s Book and Content Fairs Internationally - How to make the most of Book and Content Fairs
13:00 – 14:00 | The GREAT Business Lounge (stand 4D21)

Presentations by Roberta Chinni (Bologna Children’s Book Fair), Randy Wang (The Shanghai Children’s Book Fair) and Stephanie Webe (MIPCOM Junior)

Tackling Copyright Infringement
13:30 – 13:00 | Teach Theatre

This session with provide a review of The Publishers Association’s digital anti-piracy work and a demonstration of the newly upgraded Copyright Infringement Portal.

Speaker:              Claire Anker (The Publishers Association)

What Benefits do Publishing Studies Offer the Publishing Industry
14:30 – 15:30 | Olympia Room, Grand Hall 

The value of qualifications in Publishing Studies to would-be publishers has been roundly assessed. This original seminar looks at the relationship between industry and academia – and how both parties can benefit. For example, Publishing Studies offers: a wealth of relevant research; a valuable academic overview of the industry; and an industry involved in an area of high political relevance.
Chair:                    Dr Alison Baverstock (Kingston University)
Speakers:            Emma House (The Publishers Association)
                               Mark Carden (Mosaic Search & Selection)
                               Stephanie Hall (Manager Harper Collins) 

Download Available here


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