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PA's PR 27th April 2015

PA's PR 27th April 2015


This week's issue features an exclusive news roundup of the PA’s activities at the London Book Fair 2015!



Research and Publishing Scholarly Forum 
The inaugural Research and Scholarly Publishing Forum, sponsored by The Publishers Communication Group in association with The PA and The Association of Learned &  Professional Society Publishers, won positive reviews from attendees.  Panels tackled the impact of digital; what scholarly research publishers can learn from different cultures; how different internatinal approaches to funding HE and research affect publishers and institutions; and which developing international markets to watch.  The buzzword was communities; science is accommodating ever larger collaborations, and authors and readers are communicating directly.  The spotlight fell on India and China as markets to watch, and in the Middle East there is a slow but marked transition from oil to knowledge.  Back in the UK the roles of HEFCE, the Research Excellence Framework and accountability dominate the sector.  The Twitter story is at #rspf15, and PA consultant Anthony Watkinson has written further on The Forum for PA in-house newsletter APD Brief.

The PA co-ordinated an update on EDUPUB for publishers before the Book Fair given by Bill McCoy, Executive Director of the International Digital Publishing Forum, and Colin Smythe of the IMS Global Learning Consortium. EDUPUB is an integrated set of specs including EPUB3 and other emerging standards which aims to advance the effective use of digital learning resources in schools and universities.   The next EDUPUB 2015 milestone comes in late May when updated specs and conformance criteria emerge (see here for the latest status).  One of the elements key to its evolution is pushing the envelope of accessibility – DAISY, IDP, BISG and others are working on accessibility conformance assessment.  The best way UK publishers can shape EDUPUB’s development is by getting involved – join IDPF and IMS, and support DAISY and EDItEUR.
The AAG Accessible Publishing Toolbox
This year’s principal accessibility forum at LBF was put together by Sarah Hilderley (IDPF) and other members of the Accessibility Action Group co-ordinated by The PA.  Robin Seaman, Benetech, showed how comprehensive a resource Poet is for anyone who needs a code as to how to describe an image; Shilpi Kapoor, Barrier Break, highlighted training as the most important issue accessibility faces (BB tests on those with disabilities); and Noel Duffy, Dolphin, showed case studies on the range of need Dolphin can meet.  Willam Chesser, Lightning Source spoke on what can be done to make sure content for those studying can be accessed accessibly through VLE/LMS systems; Bill McCoy (IDPF) spoke on rendering and devices, recommending  Readium’s free software, and Robin Spinks, RNIB, outlined the huge proliferation of devices available for those with vision impairment like himself.  A key need is how to enable the features that are out there, and help users feel comfortable and confident using them on a daily basis.  RNIB is keen to find out what consumers think of their devices – the future lies in a blend of mainstream and specialist tech enabling a custom solution for each person. Slides will be available shortly on the accessibility section of the PA’s website

LBF International Excellence Awards

Two new awards were made at this year’s Awards ceremony, held on the first day of the Fair, April 14.  The overall winner of the Association for Publishing Education Awards was MA Publishing student Victoria Love for her collective blog for MA students at Oxford Brookes University; and a jury from The Accessibility Action Group co-ordinated by The PA decided the two Accessible Books Consortium Awards, given to Young Power in Social Action from Bangladesh and to Cambridge University Press.   PA members Sage International carried off the International Academic and Professional Publisher Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award went to Peter Usborne, Founder and MD of Usborne Publishing.  

Digital Minds Conference 2015

The Digital Minds Conference 2015 explored the future of publishing content and examined an interesting array of thoughts of opinions. Key themes discussed during the conference were how to translate the offline discussions and engagement with books to online platforms, engaging readers through new market trends, subscription services and new innovations such as wearable technology.  Keynote speakers; David Nicholls (author of One Day and Us) Bob Newlan (Facebook) and Hannah Telfer (Penguin Random House) highlighted the art of storytelling and its continued importance for attracting and engaging audiences as digital technology evolves. The PA’s Chief Executive, Richard Mollet, chaired the Digital Minds Question Time Session. Panellists; Charlie Redmayne (HarperCollins), Mandy Hill (CUP) and Andrew Baker (Liverpool University) discussed a number of questions from which area of publishing is most adverse to change to what was the biggest red herring in publishing industry. Overall Digital Minds 2015 emphasised the importance of understanding the consumer and the way they interact with content to enhance the future of publishing content. 

Creative Access at London Book Fair
Once again, The PA hosted ten Creative Access interns at London Book Fair, showing them the breadth of publishing opportunities available. The interns met with a whole range of publishing people, including Walker Books, Faber & Faber, Canongate, Mofibo, Alison Jones and Oxford University Press. The schedule also included the PA seminar Building the Workforce of the Future, and a fabulous afternoon tea at HarperCollins, where Creative Access got the chance to speak to current publishing interns involved in the scheme and HarperCollins staff. Thanks to all involved.
Creative Access provides opportunities for paid internships for young people of graduate (or equivalent) standard from under-represented black, Asian and other minority ethnic backgrounds (BAME). It aims to improve their chances of securing full-time jobs and, in the longer term, increase diversity and address the imbalance in the sector. Set up in 2012, Creative Access has placed over 325 graduate interns in six month or year-long internships. They work with publishing companies and literary agents across the UK. Creative Access is supported by Creative Skillset and HM Government which enables them to contribute a grant of up to £7,500 per intern, per annum. This is a really exciting opportunity to be able to engage new talent within the industry from BAME candidates. To find out more please contact Josie Dobrin on or visit their website.

What Works? Education Conference
The What Works? Education Conference provided a platform for the speakers and audience to explore a variety of techniques and strategies to improve results in education. Speakers Andrew Fong (Marshall Cavendish) and Luis Benveniste (World Bank) highlighted the importance of using a holistic teaching approach that incorporates an innovative use of digital technology and ensuring the professional development of teachers.  Jo Twist (UKIE) and Ian Livingstone (Games Workshop Co-Founder) discussed ‘the power of play’ and the benefits of incorporating gaming into the education system. Livingstone emphasised how the multi-dimensional and interactive nature of gaming provides a means of continually assessing a student and how this enables them to actively problem solve and learn as they progress through the game. PA Chief Executive Richard Mollet, chaired a discussion on whether the government or private organisations work best for education.  

Creativity Law and Politics

The PA’s Richard Mollet chaired a panel on Creativity, the Internet and Politics, in which panellists Tony Burke (Unite), Simon Milner (Facebook) and Laurie Kay (Shoosmiths LLP) examined the importance of investing in technology and reinforcing copyright law in the increasingly IP-centric world.

Charles Clark Memorial Lecture
This year’s lecture was delivered by Professor Lionel Bently (Cambridge University) about the tumultuous relationship between academics and copyright. Outlining the academic perspective, Prof Bently submitted that academics are more concerned with the impact of content on culture rather than the economic value. He also added that creators favour moral rights over economic ones. The controversial lecture stirred excellent debate amongst the audience and definitely got everyone talking about the academic perspective on copyright law.


Reading for Pleasure 
Reading for Pleasure Panel 
The importance of reading for pleasure to enable every child to Read On. Get On. was discussed in a panel chaired by Joanna Prior (Penguin Random House) by speakers Kristen Grant (WBD), Jonathan Douglas (NLT) and Gareth Jenkins (Save the Children). The panel highlighted the need to change attitudes towards reading to ensure long term sustainability in reading for pleasure.
BA / PA children’s presentations
Members of the PA Children’s Book Group had the opportunity to present a quick-fire round-up of their upcoming highlights. With around 50 independent booksellers in attendance, the event, organised in association with the Booksellers Association, closed with mermaid-themed drinks sponsored by Hot Key Books to celebrate the publication of Lorali by Laura Dockrill.

The PA’s Pledge Tree
As part of the PA’s Reading for pleasure initiative, a pledge tree was created to raise support for the 12 literacy charities in the campaign. Each charity had a corresponding pledge that individuals could choose from and once a pledge was made, each person was given a leaf to stick onto the pledge tree to symbolise their support.  The PA invited authors, celebrities and LBF goers to make a pledge. The tree was a fantastic success and left in full bloom with over 100 pledges being made. A big thank you to all of the supporters and volunteers who helped make this possible! 

Rfp Tree Collage.jpg

Pledge Tree supporters included: Top LeftBaroness Jane Bonham Carter (Liberal Democrats)Top RightDominic Knight (PA President), Bottom LeftDeborah Moggach (Author)Bottom RightJosie Dobrin (Creative Access CEO)


Workforce development 
Challenging Tradition: What Skills are #Trending Now
As part of the People Development stream, Inspired Selection’s panel ‘What Skills Are #trending Now?’ Seonaid MacLeod, Publisher Relations (Trade / International) at The PA, joined a panel with Neil Morrison, Group HR Director at Penguin Random House, Jen Duckworth, Business Partner (People) at HarperCollins and Marissa Hussey, Digital Marketing Director at Orion. The panel touched on the need for candidates to be not only comfortable with digital, but to be able to demonstrate that they know how to use new, and old, techniques in a commercial, flexible and innovative way. In a move away from a recent emphasis on ‘digital skills’, the panel explored the importance of high EQ (emotional, not intelligence, quotient) and personal qualities.
Adapting Publishing for a Mobile Audience
Together with partners at TISP, Technology and Innovation for Smart Publishing, The PA organised a seminar on mobile technology in publishing, chaired by George Walkley, Head of Digital at Hachette UK. George opened with an explanation of mobile’s pervasiness around the world, citing the example that half of the population of rural Bangladesh owns a smartphone. The seminar then looked at two different case studies: David Jackson of Storyjacker, a past winner of the ICTomorrow contest, presented DipIn, an app which allows users to simultaneously browse snippets of opening chapters of books to see which one grabs their attention – importantly, the app comes with a buy button. Fabien Schmitz then steered the seminar to education opportunities, as CEO of Gayatech and looking at its cloud-based delivery platform of educational content, with customisable features and content.
APE Volunteers at LBF
Continuing the PA’s close work with the Association of Publishing Education, who for the first year this year had a stand at LBF, we hosted 15 publishing students as volunteers at the Fair. Given the opportunity to see ‘behind-the-scenes’ at the Fair, the students attended seminars, explored Olympia, held meetings and helped out both at the APE stand and the PA’s Reading for Pleasure pledge tree. 



PA’s Mini Market profile: Nigeria 2015 
The latest market reports and mini market profiles to the GPI website are now available on the PA website.  Nearly ten years on from it last look at Nigeria, the PA has compiled a mini market profile to update its members and GPI subscribers on this book market.   Members and GPI subscribers are reminded to login to see the link to these reports.
Support Creation, Freedom of Expression and Copyright
The publishing sector calls on the European institutions to support a robust copyright system to foster the European creativity that goes hand in hand with freedom of expression #copyrightforfreedom. Authors and publishers; writers and journalists, artists, photographers and translators, booksellers, news agents, readers and consumers are invited to sign the petition launched April 20th 2015, and has collected over 2900 signatures so far. The movement aims to emphasise the importance of copyright in enabling access to rights and fundamental freedoms especially in lieu of the ongoing debate on how to modernise the EU framework and copyright law.




Academic Sessions at LBF

What is a Publisher Now?
The Faculty hosted Steve Inchcoombe,  NPG,  Michael Cairns, Publishing Technology, Steve Scott, Digital Science and Martin Wolf, Liverpool University as they debated academic trends to watch. Experiments to make content free and drive usage of paid-for continue; the push towards OA is still from funders and institutions rather than academics. Startups are spotting spaces between what academics, libraries and publishers do, and bringing them closer, though Wolf urged clarity over the problems they aim to solve.  The future will be more complex and hold many more players at many more contact points. Libraries are recognising a role as content producers as well as content receivers, and will differentiate themselves by special collections in future.  Inchcoombe made a plea for OA, which is just part of the open science movement, not to distract everyone from the next frontier - scientific data.  Upcoming markets include South Africa,  Mexico,  Pakistan and Chile; Brazil is starting to rival India and China remains huge (10K journals published in Chinese are being converted to English outputs.)
The Highs (and Lows) of Working with Societies
Also in The Faculty, Jessica Vivian of Taylor & Francis and Sally Hardy of the Regional Studies Association gave a warm but clear-sighted view of the way contract publishing of journals owned by societies can work successfully  - the two have worked with one another for 20 years.  Change management is the tricky part of the relationship, but the benefits of working with T&F over the technological demands of OA for example has been infinitely preferable to going it alone.  Looking ahead, learned societies face an uncomfortable time, having to respond to reduced receipts from OA and in RSA's case new EU VAT rules which have hit conference income, and look to publishers for trustful relationships and responses to these shocks including collaboration on diversifying income streams will be vital.  Jessica and Sally both gave a stout rebuttal of accusations of publishers and learned societies profiteering - RSA reinvests surpluses and publishers need profits to add value.  The same job could not be done through research councils as RSA for example can draw on the work of an expert committee to make decisions rather than just one expert individual in a more general group. 
Awards and Scholarships
CBCF Scholarship Programme 
In preparation for its third edition, CCBF is pleased to invite you to apply for CCBF’s fellowship exchange programme –Shanghai Visiting International Publishers project (Shanghai VIP) – which will take place in Shanghai from 10 to 14 November 2015.Based on the conviction that mutual knowledge is the key to fruitful business and productive cultural exchange, Shanghai VIP is a five-day fellowship programme that offers a small group of children’s book specialists the opportunity to gain detailed insight into China’s publishing landscape and visit CCBF 2015 from an exclusive perspective.  Applications are open to; publishers, editors, foreign rights people, literary agents and other specialists in children’s literature with a strong interest in the Chinese market. A special consideration is given to publishers and editors’ applications but we like diversity in the group, so don’t hesitate to give it a try! To apply for the Shanghai VIP programme, go to CCBF’s official website to download the Shanghai VIP application form and return it to the following email address:  (together with your CV, a picture of yourself and a logo of your company). 
The application period is open from 20 April to 30 June 2015.
Publishers’ Invitation: Call for Free Entries for The People’s Book Prize 2015
Publishers are invited to submit their Free Entries for The People’s Book Prize  
Summer 2015/16 collection which starts TPBP 7th year on 1 June 2015. Voting for the current Spring collection continues till 14th May 2015.   Finalists are voted for from 15th – 27th May to determine the Winners.  (Voting procedure:  Votes are carried forward and those who voted before can re-vote for that book from the new specially designed finalists’ pages on the website) The Winners of The People’s Book Prize 2014/15 are announced at TPBP 6th Awards Ceremony on 27th May  2015 at Stationers’ Hall.  The black-tie ceremony will be broadcast ‘live’ by SKY NEWS. The People’s Book Prize was established to discover writers' talent voted by the public, raise the profile of libraries and celebrate reading.  If you have any queries regarding the prize, please contact Prize Administrator Tatiana Wilson (

CLPE Children’s Poetry Award 2015 and Shadowing Scheme 
The Centre for Literacy in Primary education (CLPE) is delighted to announce the shortlist for the 2015 CLPE Poetry Award. Established in 2003, the annual award encourages and celebrates outstanding poetry published for children. This year’s shortlisted candidates are; Mandy Coe (Manchester Metropolitan University), Joseph Coelho (Frances Lincoln), Georgie Horrell (Commonwealth education Trust), Hilda Offen (Troika Books) and Rachel Rooney (Frances Lincoln). The winner of the Award will be announced on 
July 16th 2015 and the ceremony will take place at the new Dorfman Theatre at the National Theatre London. Previous winners of the prize include: Roger McGough, Philip Gross, Carol Ann Duffy, Jackie Kay, John Agard and Grace Nichols.   For the first time CLPE is running a shadowing scheme to involve schools in the Poetry Award. As part of the scheme, a competition will see children from winning schools, invited to perform on stage at the Award ceremony. All schools, regardless of whether they are participating in the shadowing scheme, can access high quality free classroom resources available on CLPE’s Poetryline website.
Little Rebel’s Children’s Book Award
A total of eight titles have been shortlisted this year for the Little Rebels Children’s Book Award for radical children’s fiction, including 
Scarlet Ibis (Oxford University Press) and Shh! We Have a Plan (Walker Books). The Little Rebels Children’s Book Award recognises fiction for ages 0-12 which promotes or celebrates social justice and equality. It is given by the Alliance of Radical Booksellers (ARB) and is administered by specialist children’s booksellers and 2015 ALMA nominee, Letterbox Library. The judging panel is Kim Reynolds (Professor of Children’s Lit. Newcastle University), Wendy Cooling, (Bookstart co-founder & editor) and Elizabeth Laird (children’s author). The winner of the Little Rebels Award will again be announced at The London Radical Bookfair and Alternative Press Takeover. This year the event will take place on Saturday May 9th at a brand new venue: a 5 storey Victorian warehouse based near Tower Bridge. This is a free event, designed to champion all radical publishing. It is organised by the Alliance of Radical Booksellers (ARB) in partnership with the Alternative Press Fair. The Little Rebels winner will be announced alongside the ARB’s sister adult award, the Bread & Roses Award for Radical Publishing.  For more information, visit or follow @LetterboxLib and #littlerebels
The FT/OppenheimerFunds Emerging Voices Awards
The inaugural FT/OppenheimerFunds Emerging Voices Awards aim to recognise extraordinary artistic talent in three categories – fiction literature, film-making and art – across more than 100 emerging market nations. The FT/OppenheimerFunds Emerging Voices Awards will recognise the most inventive and creative fiction writers, film-makers and artists from emerging market countries in Africa and the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Latin America or the Caribbean.

Wellcome Open Access Images

More than 100 000 images, including manuscripts, paintings, etchings, early photography and advertisements, are freely available through Wellcome Images. Drawn from the historical holdings of the world-renowned Wellcome Library, the images are available under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license.  The images can be downloaded directly from the Wellcome Images website for users to freely copy, distribute, edit, manipulate and build upon as they wish, and are available for personal or commercial use. Wellcome Images is one of the world's richest and most unique collections, with themes ranging from medical and social history to contemporary healthcare and biomedical science. Our specialist Contemporary collection is available as Rights-Managed images.

PLSclear: Making Permissions Straightforward 
PLSclear is a web-based tool, developed by the Publishers Licensing Society, which streamlines and simplifies the permissions process.  The system enables individuals who want to make or receive permissions quick and easy, by using a three stage process:-

Stage 1: The user can search and identify the current right holder from an extensive database.
Stage 2: The user completes a form on intended re-use developed by leading rights specialists.
Stage 3: A request is sent via PLSclear to the correct contact so the terms of use can be agreed.

PLSclear helps those who manage permissions to optimise their workload and maintain accurate records. It also enables publishers to increase profitability by monetising this valuable secondary revenue stream. To find out more about how PLSclear can help you - visit the websiteTel:02070795930; 
Workforce Development
Talent Bank – Internships, Part-Time and Graduate Opportunities
Talent Bank is a targeted shortlisting service to help you source good quality UCL candidates efficiently.  This service is particularly designed for SMEs and not for ongoing recruitment for larger organisations - click here for more information. The Talent Bank will market your opportunity to relevant current UCL students, postgraduate researchers and UCL Gradclub members, making clear your selection criteria and will then match candidate applications to your role and send you a shortlist of applicants. Currently, UCL is particularly interested in hearing from you if you have vacancies for
 postgraduate research students. They would like to identify opportunities for students from the following sectors: Management Consultancy, Marketing, Media, Arts, NGOs and Policy To get in touch about this service please email



Great Week: The World in One Place, 7th – 11th September
The Grown in Britain Great Week will be taking place in Milan from 7th – 11th September 2015. The event, which coincides with the World Expo, is a trade mission from the UK for the creative industries sector. The week’s tailored business programme provides the tools and knowledge for businesses to seize opportunities for expansion overseas. Activities include a one-day thought leadership conference, a VIP networking reception, market briefings, one-to-one buyer meetings and a one day visit to the Expo 2015 and the UK Pavilion. The event is open to companies in the creative industries and education sectors whose product or service focuses on children/young people, event management and production companies, designers and architects in the supply chain of major world events.
Participation fee: £336 (+VAT)
To find out more, visit the website; email: or call: +44 (0) 207 034 3266

BookExpo America                                                                          27th – 29th May 2015
Beijing International Book Fair                                                     26th – 30th August 2015
Frankfurt Book Fair                                                                         14th – 18th October 2015
China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair                   13th – 15th November 2015
Guadalaraja International Book Fair                                            28th November – 6th December 2015

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