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PA's PA 17th January

PA's PA 17th January

Parliamentary News

The Government has published the latest Economic Estimates for the creative industries, which should another bumper year for the sector.  Bucking the national trend, the CIs GVA increased by 9.4% in 2012, and now accounts for 5% of the total UK economy (£71.4bn).  The Government had this to say, and we commented here.

The IP Bill receives its second reading on Monday 20th January.  We’ll be looking out for comment on the equalisation of penalties for online copyright infringement with those available offline.


It’s consultation overload at the moment as we continue drafting our responses to the EU Consultation on Copyright (due 5th Feb) and to the draft regulations on Extended Collective Licensing (due 28th Jan).  This week also saw the publication of two further consultations, one on the Orphan Works regulations (due 28th Feb) and the other on the state of self regulation in the collective licensing sector (all the more important with the introduction of ECL).

Meanwhile the wait continues for the redrafted (and probably final) SIs that will bring the UK Government’s copyright exceptions into effect.

And the Dutch version of The Content Map has launched.

Open Access

Taylor and Francis has published this infographic  of the results of their survey  into Open Access.


NESTA has launched an Education Open Data Challenge look to inspire the creation of products and services that will help parents make informed choices about their children’s education.

Who we’ve met and forthcoming meetings:

This week we:  met with Brian Binley MP; meeting with Paul Farrelly MP; attended the Conservative Arts and Creative Industries publishing event; met with Ofsted; met with the IPO; attended the CICI lunch with John Alty; attended the post-Finch stakeholder forum.

Next week we are: meeting with Tracey Crouch MP; meeting with Paul Farrelly MP; meeting with Creative Access; meeting with the Institute of Ideas; attending the Creative Industries Council subgroup meeting on IP; attending BETT.