Speechki, Inc.

NYC, United States

Speechki creates audiobooks using artificial intelligence and 400+ neural voices in 77 different languages and dialects. We can help you convert all your print or e-books into audio five times cheaper and ten times faster than with traditional production.

Contact details

  • 1013 Centre Road, Suite 403-B
    Wilmington, DE, Country of New Castle
    NYC, United States
  • speechki.org

The Audiobook Market is Booming! Are You Producing the Income You Should? We offer:

— 10% discount for Publishers Association members
— 403 AI-voices in 77 different languages
— Turnaround in as little as two days
— $1,000, or less, per audiobook
— Proof-listening, multiple voices, authors corrections at no cost.

Speechki has made a huge technological leap, revolutionizing neural voices so that they are indistinguishable from humans. Not a single expert answered all 10 questions correctly in Speechki’s recent quiz “Real or artificial? You decide!” Don’t believe it? Take our quiz now! 👉 https://speechki.org/articles/quiz-v2/

If you don’t score 100% either, let Speechki explain how we can expand your audiobook catalog and increase your income. You can contact us at hello@speechki.org