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We are the creators of the leading rights licensing app, RightsZone. RightsZone is a cloud app built for rights professionals by rights professionals, to manage the process of selling rights from end to end in an efficient yet flexible way. Users can track interests and submissions, negotiate and issue licence agreements as well as manage payments, royalties, and licence compliance. Powerful analytics tools allow users to see the big picture as well as the detail, informing business development and strategic planning to drive revenue growth. RightsZone’s customers range from the largest publishers in the world to one person start-ups. We have clients from trade, academic and children's publishers as well as literary agencies.

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RightsZone was formed by combining the rights knowledge of Rights2 Consultants Clare Hodder and Ruth Tellis with the publishing technology know-how of Alex Kapp and Marc Defosse (Ribbonfish). Together we have built a cloud app to meet the unique and specialist requirements of those working in rights, whether in publishing companies or literary agencies. Whether you grant permissions, handle translation rights, license audio books or any other kind of rights sale, RightsZone not only helps you manage the process more efficiently across the entire rights lifecycle but will also help you to surface new opportunities and reveal strategic insights to help you grow your rights business.
The app is hosted on Salesforce Platform which gives users many additional advantages, such as high level data security, regular updates which leverage the latest technological innovations and reliable access to your rights data wherever and whenever you want to access it.
For more information or to get a demo of RightsZone please contact Ruth Tellis – ruth@rightszone.co.uk