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PA calls for volunteer 'publishing ambassadors'

PA calls for volunteer 'publishing ambassadors'

12 January 2016 

The Bookseller - Katherine Cowdrey 

The Publishers Association (PA) is calling on people working in publishing to give talks in schools, colleges and universities to share "the exciting job opportunities" available within the industry.

The PA's call to action is part of a drive to make the industry more diverse and inclusive. The PA suggests that "attracting a wider range of people" will help ensure that the workforce "remains innovative, dynamic and succesful".

Starting with young people, The PA wants volunteer "publishing ambassadors" to introduce publishing as a career option in local schools, including "how the term ‘publishing’ can represent: consumer, academic, professional, educational, children’s, apps and e-books and much more".

Emma House, The PA’s director of publisher relations, said: “One of the challenges we have is that young people are simply not aware of publishing as a career option. We hope by encouraging those already working in publishing to visit their own, or local, school, we hope to start addressing this.”

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