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Man jailed for making illegal audiobooks

Man jailed for making illegal audiobooks

9 November 2016

Nottingham Post - Gemma Toulson

A Nottinghamshire man who made more than £50,000 on illegally reproduced audiobooks has been convicted under copyright law....

Claire Anker, the digital infringement manager at The Publishers Association, the trade organisation serving more than 100 publishers in the UK, said: "The sale of infringing content damages publishers, authors and consumers alike – in this particular case purchasers were led to believe that they were supporting their favourite authors, when in fact they were bankrolling the accused's lifestyle.

"We urge audiobook listeners to be careful when looking for a bargain online and to make sure they only use legal services.

"The Publishers Association actively works to protect our members' authors and rights and we would like to thank the East Midlands Regional Asset Recovery Team [RART] for their diligent work in bringing this case to a positive conclusion."

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