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Zoella and Minecraft Battle Back Against Demise of Paper Book

Zoella and Minecraft Battle Back Against Demise of Paper Book

8th May 2015

The Telegraph - Hanna Furness

At the dawn of the e-book era, it was feared the advent of new technology would eventually see the demise of the physical page.

But those worries should be put firmly to rest, according to a study, as the rate of digital book sales is slowing enough to end the debate.

The chief executive of the Publishers Association declared the question over the future of the physical book “redundant”, as research showed that children’s books had their best year of sales since Harry Potter.

Furthermore, the rise, of 11 per cent, has been inspired in no small part by the digital world, with bestsellers including books inspired by the popular computer game Minecraft and a novel written by the YouTube “video blogger” Zoella...

...Hard copy fiction sales fell 4 per cent, although the Publishers Association still believes the book market is “buoyant”.

Richard Mollett said: "The main message from The PA’s statistics – as well as a variety of other quantitative and anecdotal data points – is that the question of how physical books will fare in the digital world is redundant; as is the corollary question of whether publishing will successfully adapt to the online age.

"Those who ever tried to maintain that this was a binary choice have been shown to be have been posing the question in the wrong way.

"It is not a question of either physical or digital winning out, but rather of the sector coalescing around a balanced marketplace where all formats have a place."

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