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Trade Responds to EC Digital Single Market Proposals

Trade Responds to EC Digital Single Market Proposals

6th May 2015 - Lisa Campbell

The Bookseller

The Booksellers Association has said it hopes the European Commission’s competition inquiry into the e-commerce sector will look specifically at market dominance in e-books.

The EC revealed today (6th May) it would hold an antitrust competition inquiry into the e-commerce sector in the European Union, as part of 16 initiatives on a digital single market to be delivered by the end of next year. As part of its inquiry, the EC will look at cross-border trade in digital content and the BA hopes it will study issues around accessibility and interoperability in e-books...

Richard Mollet, c.e.o of the Publishers Association, said the digital single market was a “reality” for publishing, and added that today’s White Paper from the Commission included some “sensible” proposals for extending this.

 “It is right that the Commission commits itself to making an assessment of the need for greater certainty around copyright and we look forward to engaging in that process. Such an assessment should be thorough and complete before any legislative proposals are drafted,” he said.

The British Chambers of Commerce, meanwhile, thinks that the EU single market, whether traditional or digital, will only maintain its legitimacy among businesspeople if it is perceived to function in the interests of all firms.

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