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Authors Rail Against Green Copyright Proposals

Authors rail against Green copyright proposals

23rd April 2015

The Bookseller - Charlotte Eyre

Authors are protesting against a Green Party proposal to reduce the length of copyright terms to a maximum of 14 years.

The UK copyright term is currently set at the life of the author plus 70 years, but in the "Intellectual Property" section of a policy statement the Green Party says it wants to “expand the area of cultural activity, that is ways that culture can be consumed and shared, reduce the role of the market and encourage smaller and more local cultural enterprise”...

...Publishers Association chief executive Richard Mollet commented: “There is a disconnect in the Green Party's claims that its policy is for fair copyright and it then telling authors that they can only earn royalties for 14 years. The proposal would pretty much destroy every creative business model in the UK as a copyright term of such short length would undermine investment. We are glad that the mainstream political parties take a more supportive role of the creative economy in their manifestos”.

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