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2015: Book Trade Figures Look Out

2015: Book Trade Figures Look Out

8th January 2015 

Richard Mollet, Publishers Association, chief executive:

We have a new EU parliament and commission, and copyright reform is front and centre as part of the wider set of reforms for the digital single market. We are hopeful from the UK perspective that we can get the commission to maintain a balanced view, [and] that it doesn’t ignore facts on the ground that the copyright framework has allowed digital sector to be driven forward. Copyright law is the enabler to digital services like Kindle and Spotify.  

We are taking a much closer look at recruitment and how we attract people from different backgrounds, how we market the industry and the role the publisher plays in the economy.

The election is going to dominate our lives next year - more after than before. During the run up, one is in a little bit of a by-stander mode but the dust settles very quickly on whoever forms the new government.

And we’re looking forward to welcoming Mexico as market focus at LBF.

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