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PA's PR 14th June 2017

PA's PR 14th June 2017

Since the last edition of PA's PR, our Vice President and CEO of HarperCollins Charlie Redmayne has given a keynote speech at Createch 2017 on how publishers are disrupting the sector, the PA has released a number of snapshot reports and the Academic Book of the Future report has called for collaboration within the academic book community. Meanwhile Lauren Child has been named Waterstones Children's Laureate, the BBC plans to run a second Love to Read campaign this year and a number of book prize winners have been announced.  


Charlie Redmayne speech at Createch     
PA Vice President and CEO of HarperCollins Charlie Redmayne has predicted that the three interactive publishing trends in the future will be Virtual Reality, Artificial Reality and voice/audio. Speaking at Createch 2017, organised by the Creative Industries Council, on how publishers are disrupting the sector, he also reflected on the mistakes that publishers had made in adapting to technological change, including spending huge amounts of money on apps and creating enhanced ebooks. But he said that the industry has also responded in the right ways to changes and said publishers had learned from mistakes made by the music and film industry.

New reports from the PA   
Physical exports to China have declined by over 3% in 2016, while exports to the Republic of Korea have increased by 13.1m, the first rise since 2012, the PA's brief statistics on trade with the two regions show. The briefs have been published in preparation for the PA's attendance at the forthcoming Seoul International Book Fair and the Beijing International Book Fair. The PA has also published its annual review of the supply and demand side of the education market in the UK. The annual review is only available for PA members, who need to login with their company username and password to view the full report. 

Academic Book of the Future report      
Publishers and academics need to work together to cope with the challenges facing the academic book, including declining retail sales and static budgets for library book purchases, according to a new report. The Academic Book of the Future report, which the PA was on the Strategy Board for, said these challenges mean that the business case for the publication for individual titles is often based on sales per title of 200 or fewer. However, the report also showed that the academic monograph is still greatly valued by academics for enabling greater reader engagement and its ability to reach beyond academia than other formats. The full report can be read here

Lauren Child named Children's Laureate    
Lauren Child, the author illustrator of the Charlie and Lola picture books and the Clarice Bean series, has been named the tenth Waterstones Children's Laureate, succeeding fellow author-illustrator Chris Riddell. Lauren, who will stay in the post for the next two years, said she wants to "inspire children to believe in their own creative potential, to make their own stories and drawings and ignite in them the delight of reading for pleasure." She also said she wants to build "stronger links between the world of children's literature and other art forms such as fine art, film, music, television and design." 

BBC Love to Read campaign   
Following the success of last year’s year-long campaign #LoveToRead run by the BBC, there are plans to run a follow up campaign in 2017. The 2016 campaign showed incredible statistics including 287 million social media impressions against the #LoveToRead hashtag and that 8% of the population did something reading related.The 2017 campaign will have two moments: the first will be around the Jane Austen bi-centenary on 18 July and the second will be an autumn moment, likely in October, which would fit in nicely with Books are My Bag’s Bookshop Day and National Libraries Week. For more information about the day please email Eliza Kavanagh.

Book prize winners
Naomi Alderman has been awarded the Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction for her feminist sci-fi novel The Power, (Viking) which envisages a world in which women have developed the ability to give electric shocks at will. Meanwhile Michael Morpurgo has picked up the overallChildren's Book Award for a record-breaking fourth time, for An Eagle in the Snow (HarperCollins). In other prize news, seven people have been awarded the People's Book Prize, including Paula Wynne (Prado Press) for The Grotto's Secret, and Richard Venables and Kris Hollington (Thistle) for A Life in Death.

June issue of Aid Projects Alert is now available for PA members

In this month’s issue there are eight new projects, five approvals and two tenders.


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