Interview with the Society of Young Publishers

Society of Young Publishers

Founded in 1949, the Society of Young Publishers is a volunteer-run organisation that supports junior and aspiring publishing professionals across the UK and Ireland. We caught up with them for a quick chat.

Let’s start with an easy one – what exactly is the Society of Young Publishers?

The SYP is a volunteer-run organisation that supports junior and aspiring publishing professionals across the UK and Ireland. We assist and inform anyone looking to break into publishing or progress within the industry.

Amazing! So you’re basically the go-to organisation for people who want to work in publishing. And who can join, i.e. what counts as a ‘young’ publisher?

Exactly. When we say ‘young’ we don’t mean in terms of age. Literally anyone with 10 or fewer years’ experience in the publishing industry or a related trade is considered a young publisher. Your talent isn’t determined by your age.

That’s fantastic news for people changing career or entering the workforce later in life. What are the benefits of membership? What do you get if you join?

Absolutely! In a nutshell, full members get:

  • Discounted, and sometimes free tickets to industry-relevant events and socials, which give you opportunities to network and learn about the publishing industry
  • Monthly SYP UK newsletter, which includes signposting to our, and other industry-relevant events and socials, and career-boosting publishing updates
  • Subscription to our info-packed InPrint magazine; this goes out every quarter and includes updates on SYP activities and the wider literary and publishing scene, as well as exclusive interviews with prominent people in publishing
  • Access to timely job ads/application forms via our Jobs Board
That sounds great. How much is it and where do I sign up?

Simply hit ‘Join Us’ on our website to learn about the perks of being an SYP member and for information on our fees, including reduced fees for students!

Easy-peasy! But what if I’m based outside of London? Is it worth joining for those not in a city centre?

Definitely. We know how difficult it is to find work in a London-centric industry, so we have branches in Scotland, Ireland, Oxford, London, and the North and South West areas of England. We also hold events On the Road.

It’s worth noting that, in some cases, publishing jobs aren’t based in city centres at all, rather in the suburbs.

What about other forms of diversity? What is the SYP doing to become more inclusive?

Brilliant question. Not only do we support the Publishers Association’s inclusivity initiatives, including working with them on school outreach programmes, we also have a dedicated UK- and Ireland-wide Inclusivity Committee and support the #BookJobTransparency campaign on Twitter, to promote equality of opportunity at every opportunity.

And our final question: what’s one thing people don’t know about the SYP?

We frequently secure discounts for our members on training courses, subscriptions and events run by organisations such as

  • BookBrunch
  • Foyles
  • The London Book Fair
  • The Publishing Training Centre
  • Writers & Artists.

Fantastic! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions.

You can find out more about the SYP by visiting their website and following them on Twitter at @SYP_UK.