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The value of UK publishing

The value of UK publishing

The PA produces research highlighting publishing's contribution to the UK economy, school education, and the wider creative industries.

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Quality Control: Reading, publishing and the modern attention economy

Quality Control, a report by Demos supported by the Publishers Association, shows that the majority (59%) of UK adults think social media content should be edited by moderators to reduce its social harm.

The report, which features a new representative poll of 2,000 UK adults as well as analysis of the Millennium Cohort Data, shows that the public think social media either causes or worsens a range of social issues, including disinformation or ‘fake news’ (54%), followed by mental health conditions (46%) and self-harm or suicide (45%). Younger adults were less likely to be in favour of social media moderation, with 45% supporting the idea, as opposed to 71% of those aged 55+. 

Download the full report here.


Publishing's contribution to research and innovation

Academic publishing plays an integral role in the research and innovation ecosystem, according to independent research by Frontier Economics, which sets out publishing’s contribution to the innovation cycle, incorporating existing research with stakeholder views. It finds that without the highly specialised and time-intensive tasks carried out by UK academic publishers, innovation may be less effective.

Download the full report here.

The contribution of the publishing industry to the UK economy

The PA commissioned Frontier Economics to research the direct and indirect contribution of the book and academic journal publishing industry to the UK economy. The research has shown that the British publishing industry generates up to £7.8bn GVA for the wider UK economy and supports more than 70,000 jobs in direct, indirect and induced impact.

Download the full report here.

An addendum to this report was published in August 2018. Download the addendum here.

Publishing's contribution to school education

Research by Frontier Economics into the value of textbooks has revealed that school textbooks only need to save teachers 4 and a half minutes a day in order to pay for themselves, suggesting cutting textbooks use is a false economy.

Download the full report here.

Publishing's contribution to the wider creative industries

Research launched today produced by Frontier Economics for the Publishers Association demonstrates the contribution of publishing to the wider creative industries, showing that as compared to original scripts and screenplays book adaptations attract on average: 44% more in UK film box office revenue (and 53% more globally); 58% higher viewership of ‘high-end’ TV productions; and nearly three times more ticket sales for theatre productions.

Download the full report here.

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