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Submissions 2015

Below are downloadable copies of the PA’s responses to recent Government consultations, Select Committee inquiries and other papers for 2015.

PA submission to BIS Select Committee Inquiry into the Digital Economy (29th Oct 2015) 

The Publishers Association has written a response to the House of Commons Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee inquiry into the Digital Economy. Our submission focuses on barriers to success, the intellectual property framework and the digitally skilled workforce. 

PA submission to HL Select Committee on Online Platforms (12th Oct 2015)    

The Publishers Association has published a submission to a House of Lords Select Committee inquiry on Online Platforms and the EU Digital Single Market. The response centres on copyright infringement and the market dominance of established online players. 

PA Submission to BBC Charter Review Consultation (8th Oct 2015)

The Publishers Association responded to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport's BBC Charter Review, focusing on the positive role the BBC plays on cultural life, specifically with reference to its educational and entertainment missions. 

PA Apprenticeships Levy Consultation Response (2nd Oct 2015)    

The Publishers Association has responded to a Department for Business, Innovation and Skills consultation on their plans to introduce an apprenticeship levy. 

PA Submission to IPO Re: Vereniging Openbare Bibliotheken v Stichting Leenrecht, Case C-174/15

The Publishers Association has written to the Intellectual Property Office, urging the UK Government to intervene in the Vereniging Openbare Bibliotheken v Stichting Leenrecht case in the Court of Justice of the European Union in support of the UK publishing and wider creative industries. 

PA Response to the IPO’s consultation on the implementation of the CRM Directive in the UK (30th March 2015)

We responded to the Intellectual Property Office's consultation on Collective Rights Management in the Digital Single Market and the implementation of the directive into UK law. 

PA Position Paper on Publishing and the Digital Single Market (24th March 2015)

The Publishers Association has written a position paper about publishing and the Digital Single Market, noting that the Digital Single Market is already a reality in publishing and calling for any legislative reform of the copyright framework to be evidence-based and to consider the impact on the long term interests of consumers and cultural diversity.