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Copyright and IP

Copyright & IP

One of our key objectives is to promote the intellectual property agenda and work to ensure that IP laws are enforced, both at home and in overseas markets.

Infringement enforcement and policy issues are addressed across our various meeting groups.

For more information relating to our anti-infringement work, contact us.

  • Member CampaignsDetails of anti-piracy campaigns the PA runs for its members in overseas markets.
  • Report PiracyReport piracy to the PA here.
  • Preventing PiracyIf you have found your physical titles being pirated and sold in a bookstore without your permission you can use our handy 6-step guide to help you through the mediation process.
  • Understanding IPA selection of resources that explain Intellectual Property, rights and permissions in detail.
  • Useful Contacts - The PAA list of companies and organisations that are invested in helping publishers prevent piracy
  • Scholarly Communications LicenceScholarly Communications Licence