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We work to ensure the value of publishing and the contribution it makes to the UK economy and the wider society is understood by politicians, civil servants and political opinion formers. We aim to do this by building a strong evidence base as well as by liaising with governments across the world for the policies and laws that make publishing possible.

Our work includes coordinating the publishing industry's response to Brexit, advocating strong copyright laws at home and abroad and working to end VAT discrimination on digital publications. Other issues we focus on include:

  • Improving support to help publishers grow and develop their export markets
  • Supporting publishing through the UK's industrial strategy
  • Ensuring a balanced open access framework
  • Promoting the importance of textbooks in schools
  • Promoting the importance of improving literacy and accessibility to books
  • Helping publishers tackle the threat of piracy in the book and journal sector

Our policy work is supported by research highlighting the contribution of the UK book and journal publishing industry to the UK economy. We also submit responses to government consultations and select committee inquiries, brief relevant ministers, officials and MPs, hold events and receptions and work with other partners and organisations in the creative industries. Copies of our research and submissions to government and select committee inquiries can be found below.