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Accessible Publishing and the Marrakesh Treaty: Are You Ready? – The Faculty (LBF 2019)
14/03/2019 14:30 - 15:30

The Marrakesh Treaty allows for copyright exceptions to facilitate the creation of accessible versions of books and other copyrighted works for visually impaired persons. It sets a norm for countries ratifying the treaty to have a domestic copyright exception covering these activities and allowing for the import and export of such materials. The treaty has now entered into force in the UK and changes to the UK’s Copyright Law have been made which publishers will need to comply with. 

This session will briefly explain these legal changes and the obligations to publishers alongside showcasing best practice from publishers and other organisations on how to ensure your publishing processes are compliant with the new law.  We will also hear from a representative from “Inclusive Publishing” announcing the results of their recent survey on the progress we have made as a global industry in our work towards publications that can be enjoyed by all readers.

This session is aimed at publishers and distributors of content. Whilst the session will focus on the UK law, the principles of the Marrakesh Treaty will be applicable to WIPO member countries and therefore the case studies will be relevant to all publishers worldwide.

This seminar is sponsored by Publishers' Licensing Services - Collective licensing and rights management services for UK publishers:

Accessible Publishing and the Marrakesh Treaty – Are You Ready?

14 Mar, 2019
The Faculty
The London Book Fair 2019, Olympia London
Hammersmith Rd
Greater London
W14 8UX
United Kingdom