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Become a Publishing Ambassador

Are you already in the industry and want to spread the word about this fun and challenging industry? We've got a customisable PowerPoint for anyone who works in publishing and who is going into their local school, college or university. Add in more slides, talk about your own experiences, or just use the PowerPoint as it is. 

Just click on the link to the right to access the Dropbox.

Why not contact your local school, or the school you attended, and see if they'd like you to come in and talk about working in publishing? The PowerPoint and script has information about the whole industry, so you can demonstrate the wide range of jobs of offer.

You can also join The PA's People Database, a bank of interesting and passionate people in the industry, who we can call upon to help promote publishing as a career. We contact the database as and when we have opportunities -- speaking events, blog posts, interviews, careers talks, school visits, vlogs etc -- and help you get the word out about our industry.

For more information, and to join the People Database, contact Eliza Kavanagh