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Read magazines dedicated to writers of colour and sample their work.

SABLE LitMag was created in 2001 for writers of African descent in Britain who needed a quality publication to publish a body of work: one that would publish a variety of genres; a publication that said, “Writers of African descent in Britain would not be confined to the margins of the established literary world who did not consider them good enough to be published.”

The impact we’ve had over the past 15 years, shows we have continued to do this by consistently giving new writers space and opportunities to work in publishing. For example, one of our first interns became the first intern to work on Oprah’s magazine, a role secured as a result of work she did on the first women’s issue of SABLE.

Other products under the SABLE umbrella include SABLE Litfest. Our first litfest for writers of colour took place in Brixton in 2005; the second, in The Gambia (and will continue to be there in the future). The Writers Hotspots – writing retreats offer opportunities for visiting writers to meet and work with local writers. They’ve taken place in The Gambia, New York and Cuba.

After the fifth one in Cuba in 2001, a significant change took place – SABLE LitMag became a publication for writers of ‘colour’ rather than for writers of African descent. With the diversity of ethnicities in cities like Havana and London, it was clear that not opening the magazine to people of colour globally, would be limiting – after all, people of African descent live and work in the world of a broad diversity of literature.

SABLE Motto: “Literature is the most beautiful of countries.” Jose Marti – Poet and Essayist, 1853 – 1895


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