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Promote your children’s books from around the world.

Outside In World is the UK organisation dedicated to promoting and exploring children’s literature from around the world, particularly books in translation.

Noteworthy projects have been supported by the Arts Council of England, Unwin Charitable Trust and Gulbenkian Calouste Foundation. Projects have included ‘Reading Round the World’ which collected children’s views on books from around the world through 43 author events around the UK. More recently, ‘Reading the Way’, a research and development project, identified a range of exceptional books from around the world that stood out specifically in terms of being accessible and/or inclusive of children with additional needs.

The extensive Outside In World website is an ideal way for UK publishers to publicise new books from around the world. We regularly review new translated titles and use social media to generate interest. In the ‘Publishers’ area of the website, interested parties can also find a ‘step-by-step’ guide to finding a translator and translation grants, as well as a section dedicated to recommendations of books from other countries that have never been translated into English. The site also includes a virtual gallery of children’s book illustrations from around the world.

Through our web resources and projects, we reach a broad audience that includes teachers, librarians, publishers, translators, parents and young people, raising awareness of books that have been translated and supporting the need for more.


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