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Jobs in Books (The Bookseller)

Jobs in Books (The Bookseller)

Jobs in Books is The Bookseller magazine’s careers and jobs platform, Twitter feed @jobsinbooks and jobs site. We believe in a diverse and accessible book industry and aim to ensure that information on working in publishing is readily available on both our digital and physical platforms.

The publishing industry is going through change and we need to meet that change with new ways of operating to ensure that our workforces grow and develop in the best possible way. Jobs in Books is a community of job seekers who are of varied ages, backgrounds and locations with one thing in common: they want to work in publishing.

There is work to be done on creating new pathways into the industry for all and also making sure that younger generations are informed and understand all the career options. The Publisher’s Association is working hard to help this happen and Jobs in Books supports its ongoing ‘work in publishing’ campaign.

Let’s work together on diversity.

Jobs in Books top five job description tips
  1. Include a line at the end of each job description saying that you support working in a diverse industry, for example: “We support diversity in publishing (the book trade).” You may wish to go into more detail about how you do this.
  2. Put experience required as experience desired, to widen your potential candidate net and reduce the importance put on unpaid work experience.
  3. Make your job descriptions skills-led. Ask to see general skills like marketing, PR, customer service – stuff people can relate easily to their own skill sets. “I do not host unpaid internships at Jobs in Books.”
  4. Think about the job title – don’t use trade terminology that people looking to work in the industry may not understand and therefore not apply for the role.
  5. If you advertise work experience so that it resembles a job role, don’t lead applicants astray – be sure to make it clear whether you are actually paying.