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Katie Sadler supports the Spare Room Project

Katie Sadler supports the Spare Room Project

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Written by Katie Sadler on 6th August 2018.

Katie Sadler is Senior Marketing Manager at QuercusBooks and the founder of the #UnsungBookClub. Find out more about Katie on Twitter or her website.

I heard about the Spare Room Project from a random post on Twitter and decided to give it a go. We hosted the very lovely Faith Stoddard, who is doing a year-long editorial placement at Ebury Publishing. She only needed a couple of nights a week, so we agreed to host her for 4-5 weeks. But she was so sweet and it was all so easy, that she is still staying with us now, 2 ½ months later. She’ll be with us for another month, when we will need her room again, and overall it’s been a great experience. I have loved being able to help, particularly as Ebury is where I got my first publishing job. Our spare room was mostly being used for storage, so as well as being a nice thing to do, it also gave us a massive incentive to sort the room out – double win!

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