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The Spare Room Project

“I am delighted to accommodate a bright young student in our spare room over the summer. It is little or no effort, it will be great to have somebody learning about publishing staying with us, and what a great way of opening up our London-centric trade to people coming from elsewhere." Andrew Franklin, founder and MD of Profile Books and first publisher to host a Spare Roomer.

The London-centric reality of publishing acts as a major barrier to aspirant publishers from outside of the capital. In response to this, James Spackman (publisher and consultant for Pursuit Agency) with the support of the Publishers Association set up the Spare Room Project. Since 2016, we have been matching interns from outside of London with publishers who can offer a spare room. Not only is it a great opportunity for mentorship but it also means that young people without the means to pay for expensive temporary accommodation can take up opportunities in the city.

Take a look at the blogs below to hear from interns and hosts and read our FAQ. If you have a spare room you can offer, or if you're in need of one, just email James Spackman.

Spare Room Project Blogs

  • Hetty Mosforth.jpg Hetty Mosforth on her Spare Room Project experienceHetty Mosforth, who undertook two-weeks' work experience at Penguin Random House, was grateful for her Spare Room after hearing a colleague was commuting an hour and a half to get to work.
  • Logo for Spare Room Project.jpg Amy Edwards on her Spare Room Project experienceHaving just graduated from university, Amy felt the need to get some extra experience under her belt to help her secure a position in publishing, which she achieved thanks to the Spare Room Project.
  • Spare Room Project Tabitha Ives.PNG Tabitha Ives on her Spare Room Project experienceLiving in Suffolk and studying in Birmingham, I am lucky enough to live only short train journeys away from London. While this is ideal for day trips, looking into commuting in and out of London every day soon proved far too expensive.
  • Spare Room Project Juliet Peacock.jpeg Juliet Peacock on her Spare Room Project experienceOn a rather rainy February day, Juliet got the email she had been hoping for since January: the notification that her application for work experience had been successful.
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Q: I’m a publisher in London. How do I pledge a room?

A: Email to get involved. He’ll take it from there.

Q: Do I have to provide work experience as well? 

A: NO! The aspirant publisher should arrange their own placement. Please let James know if you want to offer work experience as well, but it’s not essential.

Q: Do I have to feed them?

A: You can if you like, but there’s no obligation. 

Q: I can only do particular dates, is that ok?

A: Yes, James will work with whatever you can offer. 

Q: I have small children, yappy dogs, loud neighbours, live in zone 6, live on a houseboat ... will anyone want to come to stay?? 

A: So far yes! The scheme has matched up interns with hosts in all sorts of living arrangements.