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Interning at the Publishers Association

Interning at The Publishers Association

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Polly speaks about her experience as an Intern at the Publishers Association.

Last week, I had the privilege of joining the Publishers Association as an intern, helping to organise and curate content for the annual ‘Work in Publishing’ campaign*. As a final year student of English Literature, I understand the competetive nature of publishing and have worked hard to make sure I have the skills and experience necessary to start my career.

A trip to the Frankfurt Book Fair this October, opened my eyes to the vast array of opportunities. The Frankfurt Book Fair is a hub of creative, bookish people, working to create new opportunities to share stories and knowledge and broaden audiences. My trip demonstrated how many different opportunities there are out there for anyone who wants to be involved in publishing. In one day, I was able to speak to many companies, including The Publishers Association, about all the aspects of the industry – editorial; funding; business publishing; awards ceremonies and the wonderful world of metadata!

I had a chance to network and made lots of new contacts that were open to helping me find new opportunities. With this in mind, I applied to be an intern with The Publisher’s Association and the experience and knowledge I had gained at the Frankfurt Book Fair opened the door.

I was so excited to have the chance to see a company working in action, particularly during a busy week promoting jobs in the publishing industry. My week began by collating lots of apprenticeships, graduate schemes and internships – more examples of opportunities that I never knew were out there!  I was also invited to attend the Books Are My Bag Reader’s Award, a fabulous ceremony celebrating booksellers and authors. Every winner was published by a member of the Publishers Association which was fantastic. Finally, I created lots of twitter posts and graphics ready to go for the week ahead which helped me learn a little bit about AdobeSpark. Before this point, I had been creating graphics and banners in Paint so it was a huge step up to see how better looking banners help your brand. Luckily, I had a guru on hand to help me in the form of Eliza, the Communications Manager.

*Work in Publishing Week (19th-23rd November 2018) is a week long campaign to celebrate careers in publishing.