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Student Blog: Lillian Sesiguzel

Student Blog: Lillian Sesiguzel

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15th October 2015

Around two years ago I officially became a student at Bath Spa University, and was about to enter a field of study that I had never come across before. English Literature at A-level was the closest I could get to try and decipher what the publishing industry was all about, but unfortunately not much was revealed. In hindsight it seemed that I was always very focused on the author alone, but a sudden change of mindset lead me to become curious about the people behind the book, those that are putting these bodies of work together. My first thoughts on this sprung from simply looking at the covers of the books we were studying. Of course being the first thing we encounter as readers, I was fascinated by how the outer shell could hold so much power, in terms of an individual selecting it from the crowded shelves of a bookstore. Could this aspect be more powerful than the story itself? I was in a state of confusion, which wasn’t helped by learning numeric referencing, as then I became familiar with the famous names of publishing houses that frequently crept up through my studies in sixth form. 

Being so interesting in my newfound way of looking at literature, I knew it was something I wanted to learn more about. From researching into courses I could see that only a limited amount of universities’ held the ability to teach me about publishing, so the choice was between Oxford Brookes and Bath Spa. Luckily I landed my first choice, and now being in my final year I can positively say that I made the best decision. 

The publishing department at Bath Spa prize themselves on employability, and as a student about to graduate into a world of limited jobs, I agree that that’s the most important thing to focus on. Our tutors make sure we have a strong foundation of everything publishing related through assignments and projects, so we are familiar with what interests us most - finding my strength in magazines. Amazingly, we are equipped with all the latest software, including Adobe Digital Publishing Solution, which is also used at Condé Nast. Working digitally is what I enjoy most, as I feel being fluent in these software’s brings me a step closer to achieving my desired career in magazine publishing!