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Student Blog: Kate Griffiths

Student Blog: Kate Griffiths

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I write this at the halfway point during my first week and have already learnt a ridiculous amount of information. I wanted to study in London because it’s home (and I could live at home for free) and UCL obviously stands out because of the brand, but just as importantly the modules themselves that cover such a breadth of topics. 

Due to scheduling conflicts in term two, my humble cohort has to choose between Advanced Trade Publishing and Children’s Publishing, which is what I assume was a cheeky maneuver on the part of the staff to force some people to step outside their comfort zone and take one of more academically slanted modules. However, to give an example of actual subjects covered thus far - today we were given a paperback and told to rip it apart at the seams (sorry Ian Rankin). Here ended the BIC Production and Operations Day; one filled with practical information to follow up the marketing talks from yesterday. “Publishing Contexts” takes place all in one week and it feels like diving into the deep end but in a hugely exhilarating way. 

I chose publishing because I am what has been referred to this week as a “book fetishiser” (apparently we are a small niche of the population) and, simply,  it’s what I am passionate about. The more I learn, the more I realise that the flux of this industry is exciting not daunting! And there are far more facets to it than I ever imagined. 


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