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Student Blog: Elle Waddington

Student Blog: Elle Waddington

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22nd October 2015

Publishing is an industry where creative people come together to make something beautiful that inspires, teaches and widens the minds of others; this is how I have always defined publishing to those who ask me what the industry is about. 

I have just started my course, and I’ve since added ‘which will hopefully make a profit’ on to the end of my opening statement. Why? Simply because I’ve learned that publishing is an industry that is very much about numbers; this is something I never expected, because I haven’t thought about maths much since I left high school at 16. However, doing my first calculations last week found me actually enjoying maths again! 

The whole industry fascinates me. When you open your favourite novel or magazine you never really think about those who made it, just the love you feel for it and the identification with the content; it would fill me with such pride to know I worked on a book that someone loves as much as I love Gatsby, so I know the industry is the right one for me. 

But where to work in it? At the moment, I am interested in working in International Rights, mainly because I have a huge interest in how people from different countries and cultures interact; I studied five languages throughout education, and I also studied a module in multi-national business interaction in the last year of my degree. This background has lead me to explore the route above, but how do I know it’s the right one for me? 

Well, that, in a nutshell, is why I chose to do my course. I graduated with an undergraduate degree in English Literature with English Language and Communications in July from Kingston, and I did have other offers in terms of work and further study. However, I felt that, as a recent graduate with only part-time jobs and marketing placements behind me, I wanted tuition in the business and making aspects of the industry to help me build a good base to learn from when I do get a graduate job. Now I am learning about P&Ls, developing both my coding and InDesign knowledge further, and, importantly, learning from some fantastic industry professionals, without whom I don’t think I’d be ready to embark on my career in publishing.