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Student Blog: Charlotte Parker

Student Blog: Charlotte Parker

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29th October 2015

A month ago I made the move to London, wide-eyed and feeling decidedly small-town despite being from the 4th largest city in the country. I was inspired to apply for a Masters by the ‘How to Get into Publishing’ panel at the London Book Fair 2014. By this point, I had already dismissed the idea of teaching and academia (what do you do with a BA in English?) and had decided on turning my love of reading into a career. It was just a matter of how. 

It’s no secret that the industry up north isn’t even half as lively as the London publishing scene. I struggled to find work experience in my hometown and had no place to stay for the short-term London and Oxford based internships. The publishing industry seems to thrive on the London lifestyle and there was no other place I wanted to submit my MA application to than UCL. 

Right in the heart of Bloomsbury, this course has absolutely everything going for it. I’m really enjoying learning how to handle editorial challenges with the Author Management module and can’t wait to master the tricks of the Marketing trade next term. I even have the chance to get to grips with the practical side of the industry with Publishing Skills and Applied Creativity courses. 

This industry is one of constant innovation. With so many exciting and diverse roles out there, I can’t wait to jump right in and see what the future brings!