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Academic and professional publishing is about the cutting-edge stuff, the research that will one day cure cancer, the most advanced thinking by the world's most brilliant minds. It's about making information not just available but useful; creating tools to help scholars and professionals do their job better or further their research. It includes textbooks for students and professionals, journals and online resources for academics, and reference products for top professionals. It's where some of the most innovative publishing happens, particularly around product development and business models.


Consumer publishing is incredibly varied: novels, non-fiction, cookery, children's books, celebrity autobiographies, travel books, self-help, graphic novels and so on. As well as the physical books you see in bookshops, consumer publishers also produce audiobooks, ebooks, apps and games putting them at the intersection between the creative and tech worlds. This is a dynamic sector that offers a wide variety of opportunities for all sorts of people – creative, commercial, analytical.


Education publishing is all about finding out what teachers and pupils need, then giving them superb design and value so that they can learn in the best way possible: books, curriculum materials, learning systems, testing and assessment tools. This sector supports anyone learning anything, from a primary school child learning to read to an octogenarian learning Japanese. It's not surprising that the biggest publishers in the world are education publishers.