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Eleanor Rose, Production Assistant Apprentice

Eleanor Rose, Production Assistant Apprentice


Eleanor Rose is a Production Assistant Apprentice at Bloomsbury Publishing. 

I got into the industry by applying on the LDN Apprenticeships website, where I found the Production Assistant role for Bloomsbury – one of 16 apprenticeships offered under the new scheme. I had to go through an interview process but eventually received the good news. 

I started on the 28th of October and, since then, have learnt an incredible amount. Not only have I been trained to use various software, but I have also had inside knowledge of the whole production process. This includes making contacts both inside and outside the organisation. 

The apprenticeship requires us to complete various training activities; research tasks, projects, assignments, online learning, etc. With this, I have gained so much knowledge in the other departments of the industry. I believe this is one of the main strengths of the scheme; that although I am working in production, I get to study modules on finance, law, sales/marketing and more. 

Publishing is definitely underappreciated. There is a substantial amount of work that goes into getting a book on the shelf, but it is all behind-the-scenes. There are so many different roles available, and young people should definitely consider one of them. 

I would like to develop my career in publishing. I have already gained the necessary skills to become a production editor, which is the next step up. I have started in a 'lower' position, but there is potential to rise. I initially thought a university degree and years of experience would be a requirement even to get the role I have, but this apprenticeship has proved otherwise. 

Having spoken to members of staff from other departments, it has been made clear to me that there are many different pathways to get into publishing. All those I spoke to enjoy their job here at Bloomsbury and would encourage young people to work in publishing.