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Megan Barton, Publishing Assistant at Cambridge University Press

Megan Barton, Publishing Assistant at Cambridge University Press

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Megan Barton is Publishing Assistant (Apprentice) for Cambridge University Press.
What attracted you to publishing?

I have always been interested in photography, writing and books in general. So when I was thinking about my career options, I knew I wanted it to be in the creative industry. Publishing is perfect as no day is the same and I have opportunities to use all of these different interests. One day I will be looking for suitable images on Getty images, another day I will be working with ebooks

What do you like most about your role?

As an apprentice, my role allows me to try out many different parts of the business and shadow lots of different people that have a variety of different roles. This includes working with the editorial team, marketing team and the digital strategy team. 

Most of these teams have connections with our offices all around the world and I really enjoy having the opportunity to work with people from many different cultures and backgrounds. This also allows me to use different systems such as Skype for business to keep in touch and have meetings. 

What do you like about this business?

At Cambridge University Press, there are lots of opportunities to attend lots of different workshops or talks. These vary from internal talks about projects that other parts of the departments are currently working on to transferable skills such as CPR or how to be confident when presenting. 

Favourite piece of work-related advice?

Network, network, network. Networking is not easy when you are new and can be awkward at times, but it really has been the best advice I have received. When you are working with so many people it is hard to see how everyone contributes to making a product. 

Attending events held by the company where people are presenting and giving demonstrations of the products that they are working on has really helped to give me an idea of who everybody is, what they do and where they fit into the bigger picture of the process of the products that we are making. 

What has surprised you about working in publishing? 

Just how far in advance the books are planned and how many different elements there are to make it into a finished product!

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