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The design team develop the design of book covers and other design materials for the book. In some publishing houses the design team also work on marketing assets for the company. The design department is a crucial part to the process with the book cover forming the first, important consumer impression of the book. 

The design team tends to be in-house, but in some smaller publishing houses they tend to source the design work from a design company outside of the publishing house. 

Jobs in Design

  • Artist or IllustratorAn Artist or Illustrator reinterprets a text written by an author which they then communicate into an artwork or illustration.
  • Junior DesignerA Junior Designer's job is to help sell the author's book by making the cover the best it can be.
  • DesignerA Designer is a crucial part of the publishing process. They work with a range of different illustrators and publishing brands.
  • Art DirectorAn Art Director leads a team of designers, influencing all design work created in the Design Department.

What's it like to be a...

  • Mike design manager.jpg Design manager"My interest was always in graphics, particularly lettering and type design. I studied graphics. I then focused on typographic design courses, so publishing is a natural progression from that, as it encompasses all those specialities."