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Sales administration assistant

Sales administration assistant

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Angelica Stevenson is a sales administration assistant at Kogan Page.

What do you do?

As a recent graduate, my role so far has been a wonderful introduction to the working world, and a great way of learning about the publishing industry. So far, I have gained new skills in data mining and honed my research skills. I have also nuanced the ability to find the perfect match between a university course and a textbook we offer. I do this by finding prospective customers and lecturers who would be interested in our Books and Products. 

How did you get your role? 

This is my first post-graduate role, as I graduated from university in July, and shortly after gained my entry-level position at Kogan Page this August. After a summer work placement in the penultimate summer before graduation, I realised the environment of publishing greatly appealed to my skills, but more importantly, to me as a person. I wanted to work in publishing, so I focused purely on roles within the publishing sector.

What do you love about your role? 

I love that my job allows me to work independently, with the ability to collaborate easily with colleagues, while simultaneously working towards a collective goal. At Kogan Page, I feel that my work functions towards the collective goals and ethos of the firm.

What would be your top tip for someone who wants to work in publishing? 

My top tip would be to remain open-minded. When people think “publishing”, they think "books, books, books". While books are a vital part of the industry, there are so many wonderful routes you can take into publishing. These include sales, marketing, production, social media management, etc. If you have a passion for creation and feel you will flourish in a team-based productive environment, you will.