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What is temping?

Publishers often employ people on a temporary basis when they have a series of projects with pressing deadlines and need an extra pair of hands. They might also hire people to cover staff who have taken holiday, sickness or maternity leave. Contracts can range from a few days to several months, and may even lead to permanent opportunities.

What experience do I need?

Experience will depend on the requirements of the role. If it's a manager position, they will expect you to have experience as a manager. However, you can often find team assistant roles in editorial marketing, production, rights or administration that require very little experience. If you are just starting out in publishing, consider doing an internship or taking up some training in basic office skills. Publishers will often hire interns as temps if they've shown themself useful during their internships. If you have already progressed in your career, you might use short term roles as a way to pivot your career path in a different direction.

How do I find temp jobs?

Publishers often hire temps through recruitment agencies (such as Atwood Tate and Inspired Selection). Often these roles are urgent and start immediately. Register with these recruiters to be added to their temp pool and be guided through the process, including how to write your CV and cover letter. Once you are in the system, they will contact you with temping requests best suited to your skills and experience.

Once you've done one temp job, let the recruiter know that you're looking for more work. You can build a relationship with a recruiter over time by being quick to respond and fulfilling your assignments.

Applying for a temp job

Often, companies won't interview for temp roles. They will select applicants based on the skills listed in your CV and invite you to work for them. If you are invited to interview, they tend to be less formal and last for about 30 minutes.