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Become a Reading Ambassador!

Become a Reading Ambassador!

We're calling on all book-lovers to become a Reading Ambassador in their communities. The charities we work with have an incredible range of programmes available to help you do just that. Below, we've listed ten top tips to help you help others love reading for pleasure as much as you do -- enter your e-mail address below to receive a monthly newsletter with the latest tips, events, and information.
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Become a Reading Ambassador

 Read With Your Child

Reading with your child or a child close to you not only sets them up to enjoy reading for pleasure for life, but has been proven to help them achieve better results in ALL subjects. Booktrust has some great pointers on how to read with your child, such as finding a quiet place and encouraging them to pick the book, while Fathers Reading Every Day is a scheme to encourage fathers to read with their children.

 Start a Book Group

Set up a book group in a community area or with your friends to share your love of reading with others. Start off easy with a popular, accessible book that everyone's talking about. The Reading Agency's Reading Groups for Everyone is a great way to tap into a nationwide network of book groups, and this article from the BBC can help you get started.

 Volunteer at Your Local Library

Many library services rely on the contribution of well-read and passionate volunteers. Why not get involved and help visitors to the library have access to knowledge and literature? Search online or visit your local library to find out how you can help.

 Get Involved with a Reading for Pleasure Charity

These top tips are just the start! We've got a wealth of information about how you can get involved with Reading for Pleasure charities. Find out more here, and click through for a list of the Reading for Pleasure charities which we currently work with

Set up a Book Corner

Putting books in front of people is one of the best ways to get them reading. Set up a book corner in your workplace or a community centre. You don't need much -- a comfortable chair, or cushions, a bookshelf, a coffee table, and -- of course -- books. It'll be easiest to use a pre-existing area and supply them with books. Books which you have read and enjoyed, or picked up from the charity shops. Put a sign up telling people to feel free to pick up and read, or to swap a book of their choice.

Get your school involved

Make sure your local school takes knows all about the fabulous resources and events available to them. Get your kids dressed-up and involved with World Book Day, start a sponsored Readathon, make your local school aware of the fabulous Power of Reading lists…. There’s so much out there to help.

 Be the Cilla Black of Books

Host a blind date book session at any club, group or coffee morning – it makes a great icebreaker and is a great way to get people reading and talking. Simply ask people to wrap up and bring along a book they’ve loved, and swap with someone else.

 Share your Thoughts

Shout about reading! Share your favourite book and thoughts about  what you're reading -- Tweet, blog, and share with friends to get the conversation started. Start up a Wordpress site (easy to use), where you talk about your favourite book and encourage friends to comment, or (for the tech-savvy), join the legions of BookTubers and review your favourites online by video, uploading to YouTube and sharing with friends. See BooksandQuills' YouTube channel for inspiration....

 Help people who struggle with reading

Volunteer to help children, young people or adults with their reading -- you can change a person's life. The Reading Agency has programmes galore for you to get involved with: create a World Book Night Celebration event in April; introduce reluctant adult readers to Quick Reads; or become a Beanstalk Reading Helper

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