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Advances in technology have helped not only to open up new markets for publishers, but also to offer vast new opportunities for published works to become more accessible to a wider variety of people.

The growing availability of ebooks provides a wonderful opportunity for people with print impairment - whether blind or partially sighted, dyslexic, or without sufficient dexterity to handle printed materials - to become customers for mainstream published  products. Until now, special versions such as large print or braille have been required, often at great cost and after considerable delay. There will soon be no good reason for people with print impairment to be excluded from the mainstream market.

Books and published resources are becoming more accessible directly.  The Publishers Association is working on several initiatives and with several organisations to help publishers respond to requests on behalf of people with reading impairments, particularly visually impaired people, in order to facilitate access to their material.

Accessibility Action Group

The PA chairs the Accessibility Action Group which comprises publisher and advocacy groups and publishers themselves, currently:

  •  RNIB                                         
  •  Jisc
  • The PA

  • Dyslexia Action


  • IDPF

  • Hodder
  • Wiley
  • Pearson
  • Sage
  • Elsevier
New members are always welcome, so do get in touch with Nicola Swann if you'd like to join!