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Statements on Accessibility from the PA

Joint Statement on Accessibility and E-books

The mechanisms by which an ebook is made accessible involve all the actors in the supply chain from author to reader; no single actor in that chain can solve the challenge of accessibility by itself. The Publishers Association, Dyslexia Action, EDItEUR, Jisc, RNIB and the Society of Authors are keen for other organisations especially technology providers and e-book retailers to join them in support of a Joint Statement on Accessibility and E-books, the first version of which launched at London Book Fair in April 2012. The statement outlines how publishers and advocacy organisations for those with print impairment are also looking to work together with developers of e-book devices and platforms, the book supply chain, people with print impairment themselves and learning providers and libraries to enable all readers to access new books as they are published in e-book form.

The PA Recommendation on Text to Speech

The PA, with the endorsement of the Society of Authors and the Association of Authors' Agents, recommends that text to speech is routinely enabled on all e-books across all relevant platforms, at least where there is no audiobook edition commercially available. See The PA Recommendation on Text to Speech. Most ebooks now comply with this recommendation, a reflection of its success to date.