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Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) International Excellence Award 2017

The Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) aims to increase the number of books worldwide in accessible formats – such as braille, audio and large print – and to make them available to people who are blind, have low vision or are otherwise print disabled.  The Accessible Books Consortium International Excellence Award, presented at London Book Fair, recognizes outstanding leadership and achievements in advancing the accessibility of commercial e-books or other digital publications for persons who are print disabled.  Two awards are presented, one to a publisher and one to an initiative; the 2017 award-winners are below. 

London Book Fair ABC International Excellence Award 2017

International scholarly and professional publisher Sage of the UK came top in the 'publisher' category of the awards, with Tiflonexos from Argentina in first place in the project initiative category.  The ABC jury commended Sage both for making frontlist and backlist available, and for building accessibility into its book production workflow so that SAGE content is truly ’born accessible,’ ensuring simultaneous access for all.  Tiflonexos is the creator of an online collaborative free-access library for visually impaired people that has grown to become a global network providing more than 50,000 titles to more than 7,000 blind users and 300 organizations worldwide. 

ABC winner LBF Huw Alexander 2017.jpg
ABC winner LBF Tiflonexos Tiflolibros 2017.jpg

From left to right:  (1) Monica Halil Lövblad – Head, Accessible Books Consortium; Huw Alexander – Digital Sales Manager, SAGE Publishing; Catherine O’Connell – Digital and Channel Sales Executive, SAGE Publishing (photo: Steve Burden); (2) Monica Halil Lövblad – Head, Accessible Books Consortium; Gustavo Ramírez – Co-Founder, Tiflonexos/Tiflolibros; Anabella Fazio - Project Coordinator, Accessible Scholarship Books, Tiflonexos/Tiflolibros (photo: Steve Burden)


Digital Content and Disabilities: UCL 10 January 2018 


London Book Fair AAG Making Books Accessible:  Collaboration between the Publishing Industry & the Accessibility Community

London Book Fair AAG Beyond the Basics 2016 

London Book Fair accessibility events April 2015

A Briefing for Senior Operations Directors on 28 April 2015 

The PA hosted a briefing for member and non-member companies gave an overview of legal requirement, how to strategise and set an accessible publishing policy, how to organise in-house workflows and process, and what technical teams need to be prepared for.