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The growing availability of digital books opens up new markets for publishers as well as providing a wonderful opportunity for people with print impairment (whether they be blind, partially sighted, dyslexic or without sufficient dexterity to handle printed materialsto access mainstream published products. Previously, special versions (such as large print or braille) were the only option, often at great cost and after considerable delay. 

Accessibility Action Group   

We work across stakeholders and initiatives to help publishers cater for readers with print impairments, particularly visually impaired people. The Accessibility Action Group, chaired by us, comprises advocacy groups and publishers themselves, currently: RNIB, Jisc, Dyslexia Action, EDiTeur, IDPF, Hodder, Wiley, Pearson, Sage and Elsevier. New members are always welcome! Get in touch with Mollie Haynes if you'd like to join.