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Combat digital piracy

Copyright Infringement Portal

The Copyright Infringement Portal is our independent online system to help combat digital piracy. It identifies infringing links and streamlines the takedown notice creation process. If you've found your books being shared online without your permission the CIP could help you get them removed from the web. 

To find out more about the Portal, visit or contact Claire Anker.

Access the portal here
What is the Portal?

The Portal is an online takedown service to identify and report infringing links. The flexible and user-friendly service enables publishers to easily find online piracy, quickly send DMCA compliant takedown notices to the infringing sites and to monitor the compliance of the sites.

Rights owners can easily search actively infringing sites in one go as the system continually searches pirate sites throughout the day. All that needs to be done by the user is check and send.

  • Using the Portal saves time and increases efficiency
  • Track where and when your content is being shared online
  • Remove easy-to-access links and push casual downloaders towards legitimate access methods
  • Contribute towards industry anti-piracy efforts through the aggregation of (anonymised) Portal data to identify major sites requiring more targeted action
Access options

Access to the Portal is included in PA membership; non-members can purchase a user account.

Manual service
  • Provides access for 1 user
  • The user is responsible for all parts of the notice serving process, including verification and issuing of notices
Managed Service
  • We manage all the searching, verification, issuing of notices and monitoring for you
  • Compliance statistics are provided on a regular basis

The Portal has transparent pricing based on the number of titles to protect, there are no restrictions on the number of takedown notices served and no extra charges for Search delistings. The pricing for both Manual and Managed are for annual accounts month).

Manual Service
  No. titles  Price
 <100  £285.00
 101-250  £565.00
 251-500  £900.00
 501-1,000  £1,130.00
 1,001-2,000  £1,695.00

All fees exclude VAT at the prevailing rate.

 No. titles Price 
 25 £455.00 
50  £850.00 
100  £1,590.00 
 250 £3,400.00 
 500 £5,665.00 
 1,000* £9,065.00 
Managed Service

*For a managed service with more than 1,000 titles, please contact usfor a bespoke quote.