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Membership Tiers

Membership Tiers

Band 1 Membership

This type of membership runs 12 months from the day you join.    

Band 1 Membership Fees
Band Turnover Subscription Rate
Band 1(a) Up to £250,000  £250 
 Band 1(b)  £250,001 - £500,000 £495 
 Band 1(c) £500,001 - £1,000,000  £995 
Band 1(d)  £1,000,001 - £2.5m  £1,995 

When applying for Band 1 membership, either online or by the paper application form, we request you provide the following within thirty days:

  • a sample publication;
  • a current catalogue or intended publishing programme in the UK.
 Before applying, please read our membership criteria

Band 2 - 5a Membership
This type of membership is approved PA Council, which meets six times a year. When considering membership applications the Council is required to satisfy itself that the membership criteria have been met. A membership year runs from the 1st January and except for Band 2 and 3 a subscription is calculated on a scale based on the band in which the applicant's turnover falls, calculated as a minimum payable on turnover up to the bottom of the band plus an increment payable per £1,000 of turnover (or part thereof) over the bottom of the band. Bands 2 and 3 are a fixed fee. Definition of turnover can be found here 

Subscription fees for Band 2 - 5a
 Band  Turnover Subscription  Rate per £1,000 turnover over the bottom of band 
Band 2   Over £2.5m £3,085  Not applicable 
Band 3   Over £4.5m £5,145  Not applicable 
Band 4  Over £9m  £14,740  Plus £0.945 per £1,000 over £9m and pro rata 
Band 5  Over £18m   £23,257 Plus £0.675 per £1,000 over £18m and pro rata
Band 5a Over £34m £34,072  Plus £0.460 per £1,000 over £34m and pro rata


  1. All subscriptions are subject to VAT
  2. 50% discount on learned journal turnover (For definition refer to our  Subscription Rules and Definition of Turnover)  
  3. Publishers joining during the second half of the year pay pro rata on the full subscription fee

Join now by completing and returning your application form with the following:

  • a sample publication;
  • a current catalogue or intended publishing programme in the UK;
  • the subscription cheque (including VAT).

All applications need to be sent to the Membership Manager, The Publishers Association, First Floor, 50 Southwark Street, London SE1 1UN.

Become a member today and start taking advantage of all our member benefits.

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