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Contact   John Whythe
Email   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telephone   07990 690416
Address   Meticula Limited Victoria House, 51 Victoria Street, Bristol BS1 6AD
Last updated   10-02-2012 04:06:36

My business is the reproduction of collectable dust jackets


Description (overview of services)

    The original jackets are scanned and digitally restored at high resolution;  then printed on acid-free paper from FSC-certified sources, selected to match closely the types used for the originals.  Each ReproJacket (tm) is clearly identified as such on the back flap.

    Until now, the facsimile dust jacket has been a niche, hobbyist endeavour, with the quality varying from monochrome photocopies to extremely high quality efforts done by knowledgeable enthusiasts.  The ReproJacket initiative seeks to use the internet to build a participatory partnership whereby individual enthusiasts are incentivised to contribute restored images to the scheme;  appropriate contributions can be made to the owners of the original artwork through bodies such as The Publishers Association.  It is expected that the ReproJacket initiative will boost the secondhand book trade and widen interest in books and book collecting.

     A special type of jacket is being designed for books whose original jackets tended to be discarded very early in their lives;  this was typical for books until the 1930s -- prior to this, the jacket had been a simple wrapper serving only to identify the title and to cover the book in transit;  the boards of the book were much more highly decorated than the wrapper.  For such books, a new design of ReproJacket can be made, where the front panel and spine faithfully reflect the book itself, and new flaps are added containing contemporary material such as reviews and advertising matter.  These are labelled ReproJackets Esprit, and are naturally gorgeous!  Current offerings in the Esprit range include The Wye by A G Bradley, illustrated by Sutton Palmer, first published by A & C Black in 1910;  the 'Peacock' edition of Pride and Prejudice illustrated by Hugh Thomson from 1894;  and Arthur Ransome's 1st edition of Old Peter's Russian Tales, published by T C & E C Jack in 1916.

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