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Success Story at Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2011  

" With the help of a UKTI grant I went to the Abu Dhabi Bookfair earlier this year. While there I was able to take part in an educational forum, presenting our books to teachers and learning about the new schools they were building and their book requirements. I had meetings with ministry officials from ADEC (Abu Dhabi Educational Council) and following up from this was able to get our books on a tender list for books for their libraries. This has resulted in an order for over £30 000 all paid upfront.

This is a huge success for us. We are a small publisher who does not usually get access to these kinds of officials or get involved in these tenders. Without the grant support and the PA support in running the stand and managing the trip I would not have been able to exhibit at the fair.

I can’t stress enough how important these grants are to us and I really appreciate the support."

Jenny Ertle, Managing Director Ransom Publishing Limited