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Digital Issues


The UK publishing industry has a more productive, creative and diverse output than any other publishing industry in the world. The UK publishing industry also gave the world many of the basics of modern publishing practice and frequently leads the way in technical and commercial innovation. Digital innovation is the rule in publishing, not an exception.

Innovation in digital publishing rests on the creativity and investment of publishers, and a secure trading environment which is aware of, and respectful of, copyright.

The Publishers Association works to strengthen the digital trading environment for publishers.The PA’s digital objectives are:

  • Position members to offer the best, most competitive, content and services.
  • Combat counterfeiting, piracy, territorial rights infringement, and other forms of e-crime.

The Digital Directors Group meets quarterly to discuss policy issues.  Members include, by invitation, digital directors from member companies and representatives from EDItEUR, Book Industry Communication, the PA's Anti-Piracy Working Group and the PA Ebook working group.