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Working in Publishing

Working in Publishing



If you’re interested in a career in publishing be prepared to be surprised. What many people don’t know is that the successful creation of a great book requires the skills, energy and creative output from a variety of people. There are many rewarding careers in publishing and as the industry is constantly evolving and consequently the pool of skills required working in the industry are expanding.

Here you will find information about where you can study publishing courses, what events you can attend to learn more about the industry as well as make new connections, which recruitment agencies can help you find the right job and give you career advice, and a variety of profiles of individuals who work in the industry.

The business went from being one that was 90% print to one that is 30% digital in 12 months. The sales of ebooks saw a rise of 366% in 2011, and the size of the e-book market was estimated to be £250m in 2012, all which suggests that the future for the book publishing industry and those working in it looks bright. Anyone joining it will not only become part of the largest publishing industry in Europe, but will also be helping shape and build one of the world’s most influential creative industries.

Publishing vacancies can include editorial, design, production, rights, sales and marketing as well as professional roles such as accountant and lawyers. The vast area of digital development means the future of the book is constantly being shaped and that is why this is an exciting time to be part of publishing. The industry’s content is also hugely varied in its different categories, trade, academic, educational, children’s publishing and so on.

The industry is looking for people with real imagination, with bright ideas, who can think out of the box. It is after sharp individuals who can think ahead about how future readers will want to read and how writers will want to write, how students will want to learn and how teachers will want to teach. Business models are changing to suit innovation and technology, while investment models are being reinvented. What the industry is after are creative minds who can drive creativity around storytelling on the platforms available through new technologies.

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